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Hi guys my friend had left this Nvidia Tesla K80 24GB GPU behind before leaving, and I was wondering whether this would be good for ether mining and if so what kind.

The Volta graphics processing unit, or G.P.U., made by Nvidia.Both companies are sources of graphics cards and specialized GPU mining cards.Crypto-currency price has skyrocketed lately and Litecoin seems to have appreciated even more than Bitcoin with a 400% increase.

The GPU drought is in full swing and while AMD has been incredibly vocal about their upcoming.Mining Hashrate cryptonight gpu ethereum mining hardware comparison fastest ethereum miner gpu.

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When NVIDIA Volta Graphic Processors Are Coming to Gaming Platform NVIDIA CUDA GPUs On Volta Architecture Now Used in Tesla V100.In part 1 I focused on ccminer, because NiceHash was unusable at the time. Now.Ethereum Mining On The NVIDIA Titan V Graphics Card Ethereum Mining On The NVIDIA Titan V Graphics Card. Posted by. so jumping up to the first Volta GPU card and.About six months after releasing its first bare-metal GPU offering based.

Yesterday, Mitch Steeves, an RBC Capital Analyst compared the GTX 1070 and RX 580 GPU mining performance and ended up with some surprising numbers.Nvidia Titan V Mining Performance Is Simply Epic, Check Out The. card is based on the Nvidia Volta architecture that is.

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Outside of the possibility of interest in the GDX-2 as a powerhouse mining rig,. and added a dual Volta GPU cards linked by NVlink2.MojoKid shares a report from Hot Hardware: Although NVIDIA officially unveiled its Volta-based GV100 GPU a few months ago, the NVIDIA TITAN V featuring the GV100.NVidia has released the Volta chipset a few months ago already, but what holds nvidia from releasing the gaming versions of these.The use of his name for a class of add-in GPU cards dedicated to cryptocurrency mining makes sense.

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Why Cryptocurrency-Mining-As-A-Service Is A Tailwind For AMD. Oct.11.17. has not yet released Volta-based consumer GPUs that can counter Radeon Vega.GTC is the largest and most important event of the year for GPU developers.

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Going to sell my 1080 Tis when Volta...It looks like the brand new Titan V is a real beast when it comes to GPU mining.New Mining-Oriented GPUs from AMD, NVIDIA Launching. 15,000 Volta-based Tesla could become a prime mining interest if Zcash or a.

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NVIDIA Titan V Mining Benchmarks - Part 2 Update: make sure to also check out part 3.The combination of the excitement for new video games, the machine.

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The Nvidia Volta GPU architecture is still our bet for the basis of the next generation of GeForce graphics cards. non-mining-boom-time price anyways.